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Steve McCurry icons, contemporary photography, museo civico, Sansepolcro, Tuscany

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Celbrating over 50 Years - Antiques Fair, Arezzo

The Arezzo Antiques Fair is the oldest & largest in Italy: established in 1968 thanks to the efforts of the antiques dealer and collector Ivan Bruschi, it was the first antiques event to regularly take place every month, boasting a long and solid success over time.
Every first weekend of the month and the Saturday before, the historic centre fills with stands, antiques dealers, collectors, tourists and all those curious to see the event, in the extraordinary settings of piazza San Francesco, piazza Grande and the Logge Vasari.

The event brings together more than 500 exhibitors from throughout the country and is a must-see event for enthusiasts and curious eyes: amongst the stands, visitors can find furniture, paintings, books, historic prints, modern antiques, toys, watches, porcelains, glass, fabrics, iron and copper objects and knick-knacks, as well as curiosities of all kinds.

The hunt for an exquisite object, the missing “piece” to a precious collection, begins the evening before the market opens, when the products are still stacked in the trucks, and ends, often after intense negotiations, at sundown on Sunday.

Visiting the Antiques Fair can be the perfect opportunity to discover the history and artistic wealth of one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany.
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Steve McCurry icons, contemporary photography, museo civico, Sansepolcro, Tuscany

Steve McCurry Icons

Steve McCurry is one of the greatest masters of contemporary photography and a reference for a vast audience. Young people, especially, find in his photos a way of looking at our time.

Steve McCurry - Icons is an exhibition that collects more than 100 shots, perhaps the best of the photographer's vast production. It offers to the visitors a symbolic trip into the complex world of experiences and emotions that McCurry’s images stand for: his journeys to India, and then to Afghanistan, the native country of Sharbat Gula, the girl who became an absolute icon of world photography, the girl McCurry met and photographed in a camp in Peshawar, Afghanistan, many years ago.

With his photos, Steve McCurry puts us in direct contact with the most remote ethnic groups and the most diverse social scenarios, underlining a human condition made by universal feelings and glances proudly affirming the same dignity. Looking at his pictures the visitors can cross borders and closely know a world destined to great changes. Indeed, the exhibition starts with an extraordinary series of portraits and develops among images of war and poetry, of suffering and joy, of wonder and irony.

We are just a 10 minute drive from the town centre city of Sansepolcro, some of our properties are located in and around the town.
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Umbria Jazz 2017: One of the best Jazz festivals of 2017

Umbria Jazz

The Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia is one of the world’s most important jazz festivals and attracts iconic artists from across the globe, including Jamie Cullum, the Wayne Shorter Quartet and Brian Wilson. It is a particularly vibrant time to visit Perugia, when you can get a full appreciation of this small town’s music scene.

The Umbria Jazz Festival dates back to 1973; however, in the early days, the organisers were not expecting the event to be as popular as it turned out to be and, between 1977 and 1981, logistical and organisational problems meant that, some years, the festival could not take place.

Today, with improved organisation thanks to the Umbria Jazz Association, the festival takes place annually over 10 days during the month of July, with concerts being held at the Arena Santa Giuliana, the Pavone theatre, Oratorio Santa Cecilia, Piazza IV Novembre and the Carducci gardens. Although many of the main shows are held in Perugia, several events during the festival are held in the towns around Perugia, such as in Todi and Gubbio, giving visitors the opportunity to experience some of Umbria’s hidden gems that lay off the tourist track.

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Mille Miglia: Famous 1000 mile car race in Italy

Mille Miglia 2017

Probably the most spectacular historical event and display of the most stunning old and new cars this year. The 35th edition 2017 Mille Miglia is to run the traditional route from Brescia to Rome and back again from the 18th to the 21st May.
For over 30 years, the Mille Miglia has been bringing together exceptional personalities to the world of sport. Today, the re-enactment of the Mille Miglia is an event in a class of its own. Mille Miglia has combined tradition with innovation, and vividly coloured that combination with creativity, elegance, beautiful scenery and the Italian way of living. This plethora of rich elements has made the Mille Miglia a symbol of Italian excellence all over the world.

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Antinori Cantina, Florence, Tuscany

Antinori Cantina, Chianti Classic winery, Florence

If there’s one winery that you should visit in the nearby vicinity it has to be the famous Antinori cantina. An incredible piece of architecture built in just 5 years and inaugurated in October 2012. The winery tells past, present and future of the Antinori family who have been involved in the production of wine for 26 generations, over six centuries, since 1385. We think anybody, as we did, would benefit from a visit here, regardless of whether it’s the wine, architecture, history or landscape you are interested in hence this short introduction of ours and image gallery below.

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